On Happiness: Myths Debunked

Ah, the pursuit of happiness.  Isn’t that an inherent right of all Americans?  Yet the majority of Americans seem to be searching for happiness in all the wrong places… striving for that next promotion at work, purchasing a larger home, buying a nicer car, thinking that marriage will provide lasting happiness, or planning the perfect vacation.  We seem to have it all backwards.  Here are … Continue reading On Happiness: Myths Debunked

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Want to be Happier? Take a Walk in Nature

Within moments of beginning my walk around the grounds of the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley this morning, I began to experience that wonderful feeling of peace and calmness that washes over me me when I’m out in nature.  Whenever I begin to feel stressed, overwhelmed, quick to anger, or anxious, I’ve learned the best thing for me to do is head outside.  It doesn’t … Continue reading Want to be Happier? Take a Walk in Nature

The Importance of Outdoor Time: Why I Blog

As I enter 2014, I feel the need to answer the question, “Why do I blog?”  When I created “A Nature Mom”, my vision was clear.  My goal was to inspire other families to get outside and play.  I already had created a real-life social Meetup group, Nature Time!  The Bay Area Outdoor Playgroup, a parenting club I envisioned would bring families together, playing outside … Continue reading The Importance of Outdoor Time: Why I Blog