Photography for Kids: Fun with an iPhone

I enjoyed a fun walk around our neighborhood on Monday with my son, looking for signs of spring.  My son loves to take photos, but he’s become frustrated with the quality of the images he takes on the kid camera we gave him for his birthday last year.  He wants to be able to take photos close-up, and his camera simply doesn’t zoom in well.  … Continue reading Photography for Kids: Fun with an iPhone

Looking for Signs of Spring: A Walk Around the Neighborhood

After school on Monday, we went for a walk around our neighborhood to look for signs of spring. As an extension of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge (Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood), I gave my iPhone to my five-year-old son and asked him to take photos of what he could find.  The signs he saw were primarily floral… wildflowers and blossoming trees.  We did see our … Continue reading Looking for Signs of Spring: A Walk Around the Neighborhood

Spring Nature Activities!

I’m always on the lookout for fun things to do with my son. Today I came across the Spring 2012 Nature Rocks Spring Activity Guide, which is filled with tons of fun nature activities. Coincidentally, it includes a couple activities I recently recommended (take favorite toys outside and do messy art activities outside), but also includes the following (and much more): Ideas for exploring nature … Continue reading Spring Nature Activities!

Take a “Signs of Spring” Walk

The wildflowers are starting to bloom, new leaves are growing on the tips of branches, gardens are beginning to sprout…  this is the time to take the kids out for a walk to look for the signs of spring.  This can be a quick walk around the neighborhood or the park, an exploration of your backyard, an excursion into a local nature area, a trip … Continue reading Take a “Signs of Spring” Walk