Butterfly: Western Tiger Swallowtail

My brother and his wife celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this weekend with a lovely party in their backyard.  This gorgeous butterfly blessed the occasion with a fly through and settled on a flower just long enough to allow me to capture a photograph. Western Tiger Swallowtail Photo taken April 13th, 2013 Pleasanton, California

Manzanita (Rain)

We’re having our first rains of the season here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It’s lovely. For the next several weeks, I’ll be working on a writing project, which will leave me less time for blogging.  In lieu of writing on my blog, I’ll be posting photos of our daily outdoor adventures.

Backyard Wildlife: Mourning Doves

For at least eight summers now, we’ve had a pair mourning dove  visiting our backyard.  Every year, they have a child.  Last year, my son and I were able to watch the parents teach the baby to fly.  So cute!  They showed up just a week ago with their child from this summer.  I’m sad…

Update… Backyard Squirrel

It’s been a few months since I last posted about the squirrel who visits our backyard.  He has not been successful at raiding the bird feeders since I last wrote, but he’s still thinking about it! Here’s my post from May … Backyard Wildlife… The Squirrel