Outback Express Adventure Train: Oakland Zoo

For those of you with little ones in the train stage, this is a fun one!  The Outback Express Adventure Train at the Oakland Zoo takes passengers on a tour of wild Australia, where you may see emus and wallaroos.  Enjoy! Interested in going?  You’ll find the train station within the rides area, out front of the Oakland Zoo.  You do not need to enter … Continue reading Outback Express Adventure Train: Oakland Zoo

Sleepy tiger + discount to the Oakland Zoo

During our Christmas Eve visit to the zoo, we mostly ran around and played, but we did check out a few animals along the way.  We enjoyed watching this beautiful tiger napping (and waking up) in the warm afternoon sunshine. For anyone in the Bay Area who may be interested, I noticed this morning that Groupon is offering a 50% off membership deal to the … Continue reading Sleepy tiger + discount to the Oakland Zoo

Burning holiday energy…

Oh, my, is my five-year-old excited about Christmas tomorrow.  He can’t sit still, and he’s been acting super whacky.  It’s been raining and cold here in the Bay Area for days, and our outdoor adventures have been limited this past week because I’ve been sick (I still have a horrible cough).  Between his cabin fever and the anticipation of Santa visiting tonight, my child is … Continue reading Burning holiday energy…

Werewolves and Vampires?

While attending Boo at the Zoo over the weekend, we looked for “spooky” animals.  Werewolves?  Vampires?  Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything truly frightening at the Oakland Zoo, but did see this gorgeous hyena (I bet he’d get pretty scary if anyone tried to take that bone away from him!!) and a bunch of cute bats… Perhaps the scariest thing of all was this giant ant … Continue reading Werewolves and Vampires?

Boo at the Zoo, 2012

Yesterday we attended the annual Boo at the Zoo event at the Oakland Zoo.  Kids wear their Halloween costumes and participate in a bunch of fun activities.   It was a hot day today (back into the 80’s), so I talked my son out of wearing his thick, black ninja costume. The highlight for my 5-year-old was the Spooky Scavenger Hunt.  The children are given … Continue reading Boo at the Zoo, 2012

Amazing Animals Scavenger Hunt, Oakland Zoo

We’ve had a membership to the Oakland Zoo for over three years now.  We visit frequently, as it is a beautiful place to run around, with a great Children’s Zoo for the kids.  And what better way for a child to see, in relatively close and safe proximity, wild animals from around the world.  Usually when we visit the zoo, I ask my son what … Continue reading Amazing Animals Scavenger Hunt, Oakland Zoo