Osage Station Park: Roses and Running

Over the past several years, I’ve tried running at just about every park in the Pleasanton through Danville area, searching for ones with trails both long enough for a nice-length run and shady enough to provide protection from our blaring summer heat.  I’ve decided my favorite is Osage Station Park in Danville.  The trail looping around the park is about 3/4 miles long, perfect for … Continue reading Osage Station Park: Roses and Running

Connecting Kids With Nature: How Grandparents Can Help

Are you a grandparent who would like to help connect your grandchild(ren) with the natural world?  Check out these great tips from Richard Louv…  Grand Ideas!  21 Great Ways Grandparents and Grandfriends Can Connect Kids to Nature.  What wonderful ways to bond! My dad and my son, then three, gardening together (Tip #9:  Create a Grand Garden)… Continue reading Connecting Kids With Nature: How Grandparents Can Help

This Friday! National Public Gardens Day

This Friday, May 10th, is National Public Gardens Day.  To celebrate the event, Better Homes and Gardens magazine is offering readers a free admission coupon for two to visit participating public gardens, arboretums, and green spaces on this day.  Head on over to the Better Homes and Gardens National Public Gardens Day page… http://www.bhg.com/gardening/arboretums/celebrate-national-public-gardens-day/  … to find a participating garden near you and to download … Continue reading This Friday! National Public Gardens Day

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

On Friday morning, I noticed a tiny green caterpillar crawling up the stem of a plant in our back yard.  Saturday afternoon, my son and I went outside to see what the caterpillar was up to and found it spinning around on a thread, building some kind of nest.  Sunday morning, when we went out to check on the progress, the caterpillar had completely enclosed … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Kid Science: Make a Seed Viewer

Seeds… how incredible that plants of all sizes can grow from such a tiny thing.  If you’ve gardened with a young child, you’ve witnessed their fascination and wonder at the mystery of plants.  To give your child the opportunity to actually witness the growth of a plant from the first roots shooting out of the seed to ultimately pushing through the surface of the dirt, … Continue reading Kid Science: Make a Seed Viewer

Gardening with Grandpa

Over the weekend, we went to Sacramento to help my parents plant their vegetable garden.  The garden has historically been my mom’s project.  However, as my parents have become older (they are now entering their 80’s), the yard work has become more difficult for them.  My mom uses a walker, and getting down to the garden, as well as bending down to do the work, … Continue reading Gardening with Grandpa

Attract Wildlife to Your Home – Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

After struggling with what to do with our little backyard for the last several years, I think I’ve finally found a solution. The main constraint for us is an oak tree that covers our entire yard with shade, making vegetable gardening difficult. The only plant thriving in our yard is rosemary. Kale does pretty well, but that’s about it. Lately, I’ve been considering creating a … Continue reading Attract Wildlife to Your Home – Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat