Signs of Spring: The Return of the Turkeys

Early yesterday morning, my son ran into the living room and screamed, “The turkeys are back!  Come look at them all!”  Sure enough, there was a gang of ten or so, walking across the hill behind our home.  The turkeys can be seen around Dublin throughout the winter, but only return to our neighborhood in the spring.  Glad to see them back!  I love to … Continue reading Signs of Spring: The Return of the Turkeys

Cemetery Fun!

The other day, while playing at Dublin’s Heritage Park, my son suggested we head to the attached cemetery (Dublin Pioneer Cemetery) to look for monsters. Why not? We spent the next hour searching for, running away from, and battling monsters. Here’s a post I wrote last spring about letterboxing (treasure hunting) at this cemetery…  Letterboxing:  The Search for the Gingerbread Man.  Who knew cemeteries could … Continue reading Cemetery Fun!

Scrambling: Fun on the Rocks

I wish more city parks had rock structures like these for kids to scramble on.  The following photos were taken earlier this week at Emerald Glen Park in Dublin, California.  The boulders challenge kids in a way the regular play structures don’t.  In order to climb these rocks, children have to use their minds to pick a route, figure out how to climb it, and … Continue reading Scrambling: Fun on the Rocks

The Hungry Owl Project

I have to preface this post by stating that we live on the edge of our city, on the border where the houses meet the open grasslands and oak forests beyond.  We love living here because of the views and the wildlife that visit us.  However, we’re not fond of one visitor… the rats.  No matter how many holes we have patched up, they continue … Continue reading The Hungry Owl Project

Silent Saturday: Martin Canyon Creek Trail

Now that my son is in kindergarten, I have a little more free to get out for some hiking during the week.  I didn’t realize how much I’d missed getting outside for some fresh air and exercise with my girlfriends.  To celebrate, on Saturdays, I’m going to begin posting images from one of the hikes I’ve taken during the previous week. To kick it off, … Continue reading Silent Saturday: Martin Canyon Creek Trail

Hiking the Martin Canyon Creek Trail, Dublin, California

The Martin Canyon Creek Trail is my favorite spot to hike in Dublin.  It’s even better now that the trail has been cut through to connect with the Dublin Hills Regional Park.  Dublin gets pretty hot in the summer, and this is the only place to hike in the city that has shade. The trail used to only be maintained to the city’s edge, making … Continue reading Hiking the Martin Canyon Creek Trail, Dublin, California

Nature Time! Hike, Dublin Hills

We kicked off our Memorial Day weekend with a great hike with friends from our Nature Time! playgroup.  The kids had fun on the trail, playing in the tall grass, and stopping to check out insects (mostly stink bugs).  The weather  was breezy and cool, but the children didn’t seem to notice.  It makes me so happy to see a pack of kids running joyfully … Continue reading Nature Time! Hike, Dublin Hills

Ten Fun East Bay Parks with Free Water Play Features

The weather is warming up, so  it’s time to find fun outdoor activities for the kids that incorporate water play.  Kids love to play in water… any kind of water!  The play areas I’ve included in this list are all free and are located within local community parks.  If the features aren’t already on in the park near you, they will be beginning this Memorial … Continue reading Ten Fun East Bay Parks with Free Water Play Features

Bring on the Butterflies…

After tons of research, I finally decided what to plant in our yard to attract butterflies.  As you may know, we’ve been creating a backyard wildlife habit, following the guidelines set forth by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). My first goal in creating our butterfly garden was to add plants to our yard that will provide nectar.  Several varieties of Salvia (commonly known as sage) … Continue reading Bring on the Butterflies…

The Hill Before Weed Abatement

The grasses on the hill behind our home are beginning to dry out. That means it’s weed abatement time. We live in fire country, and it’s required that all flammable and combustible growth within thirty feet of our home must be removed each spring. I completely understand the necessity of this requirement, but it makes me sad each year to see the grasses on the … Continue reading The Hill Before Weed Abatement