5 Best Places to Bird Watch in the Bay Area

Thank you to guest writer, Ernie Allison, for sharing this article! *** Even though summer isn’t the peak season to witness a heavy migration, the bay area is still full of spots for birders to see some beautiful wild bird species. Whether you’re a local looking to quench your bird watching craving before the migration season, or a visitor looking to see what kind of … Continue reading 5 Best Places to Bird Watch in the Bay Area

Signs of Spring: The Return of the Turkeys

Early yesterday morning, my son ran into the living room and screamed, “The turkeys are back!  Come look at them all!”  Sure enough, there was a gang of ten or so, walking across the hill behind our home.  The turkeys can be seen around Dublin throughout the winter, but only return to our neighborhood in the spring.  Glad to see them back!  I love to … Continue reading Signs of Spring: The Return of the Turkeys

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

I’ve had two amazing surprises within the past week that, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture with my camera.  Both were visitors to our backyard. The first was… a fox!  He visited Thursday morning at 10:00am, and he it stayed for about five minutes, giving me a lot of time to watch what it was up to.  When it first caught my attention, walking along … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Backyard Birds: Sparrows

We now have both juvenile White-crowned Sparrows and juvenile Golden-crowned Sparrows visiting our yard.  Now that I can see both, frequently side-by-side, I can clearly see the difference.  The one I thought last week was a Golden-crowned Sparrow is definitely a White-crowned one.  Here are a few photos of the fist-year Golden-crowned Sparrows who visited this morning. For comparison, here are a couple shots I … Continue reading Backyard Birds: Sparrows

Acorn Woodpecker, Sunol Regional Wilderness

Wow, I can really see how this bird got its name!!  There were four Acorn Woodpeckers busy pecking holes in this tree and filling them with their stash. From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds site… “Their social lives are endlessly fascinating: they store thousands of acorns each year by jamming them into specially made holes in trees. A group member is always … Continue reading Acorn Woodpecker, Sunol Regional Wilderness

Backyard Birds: Golden-Crowned Sparrow?

I need help identifying this bird.  It’s been visiting our yard in the San Francisco East Bay for about a month now.  At first, I thought it was an immature White-crowned Sparrow, but now I’m thinking it’s an immature Golden-crowned Sparrow.  With Project FeederWatch coming up, I want to make sure I have the right ID.  Thanks! Continue reading Backyard Birds: Golden-Crowned Sparrow?

Project FeederWatch

As I wrote the other day (Let’s Count Stars!), we enjoy participating in citizen science projects.  It’s a fun way to contribute to scientific research and learn about science at the same time.  I wrote earlier in the week about participating in the Great World Wide Star Count.  Perhaps stargazing isn’t your thing, but you’d still like to take part in a project.  Well, here’s … Continue reading Project FeederWatch

The Hungry Owl Project

I have to preface this post by stating that we live on the edge of our city, on the border where the houses meet the open grasslands and oak forests beyond.  We love living here because of the views and the wildlife that visit us.  However, we’re not fond of one visitor… the rats.  No matter how many holes we have patched up, they continue … Continue reading The Hungry Owl Project

Finch Fun

Yesterday morning, my son was quietly building with his Lincoln Logs when he happily exclaimed, “Look, Mommy, a goldfinch!  There’s a goldfinch at the feeder!”  Now I had to run to the window to check it out, because I honestly can’t remember ever having any yellow birds in our backyard.  My son was correct.  Two goldfinches were quickly flying away!  I thought this was cool … Continue reading Finch Fun

Backyard Wildlife: Mourning Doves

For at least eight summers now, we’ve had a pair mourning dove  visiting our backyard.  Every year, they have a child.  Last year, my son and I were able to watch the parents teach the baby to fly.  So cute!  They showed up just a week ago with their child from this summer.  I’m sad to say one of them (we think it’s the mother) … Continue reading Backyard Wildlife: Mourning Doves