Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite (Pumpkins)

Perry Family Pumpkin Patch, Fremont, California…. an infinite sea of pumpkins! Photo taken October 12th, 2013 *** WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Infinite *** More fun at the Perry Family Pumpkin Patch… climbing the hay pyramid! And more pumpkins… Interested in going?  Check out the J.E. Perry Farms website for details:  perryfarmsorganic.com/ Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite (Pumpkins)

Nature Treasure Hunt: Autumn

I ready about going on a winter treasure hunt in Clare Walker Leslie’s book, The Nature Connection, and I thought it would be a fun thing to do during the fall, too, with some slight modifications. Here’s how you do it… On a sheet of paper (one for each child if desired or one paper for the group), create four sections, with each section labeled … Continue reading Nature Treasure Hunt: Autumn

Fall Foliage, Rock Creek, California

Each year, for our anniversary, my husband and I celebrate with a little trip to Yosemite and/or the Eastern Sierras.  One of the things we hope to see each year is the fall foliage.  Sometimes we’re lucky, sometimes we’re not.  This year, the display was stunning!  Late last week, the colors were amazing up and down US Route 395 in Mono County. Photos were taken … Continue reading Fall Foliage, Rock Creek, California

Travel Theme: Foliage

At this very moment, we’re in Mammoth Lakes, California, hopefully viewing gorgeous fall foliage.  Until I can return home and post about our trip, here’s what’s going on back home in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The trees are just beginning to change in our neighborhood… This week, instead of participating in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, I’ve joined Where’s My Backpack’s photo challenge…  Travel … Continue reading Travel Theme: Foliage

First Signs of Fall

Yesterday, I wrote about taking your child out on walk to look for signs of Autumn (Take a “Signs of Fall” Walk).  I didn’t feel the seasons changing yet as I wrote the post, but decided to head out for a walk around our neighborhood with my 5-year-old after I wrote the article.  Here’s what we found… Leaves just beginning to change colors. Baby 2-inch-long … Continue reading First Signs of Fall

Take a “Signs of Fall” Walk

Saturday is the first day of Autumn.  While it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I know the seasons will begin to change soon.  This is a great time to head outdoors with your child to look for the first signs of fall.  This walk can be taken just about anywhere… around your neighborhood, through your local park, … Continue reading Take a “Signs of Fall” Walk