Animal Fun! Sulphur Creek Nature Center, Hayward

I’ve been wanting to write about the Sulphur Creek Nature Center for a long time now.  When my son was two and three, we visited the center regularly for their awesome toddler wildlife classes (for 1-3 year-olds).  I found it was the best place in the San Francisco East Bay to give my son hands-on wildlife experiences.  In each class, the children are introduced to … Continue reading Animal Fun! Sulphur Creek Nature Center, Hayward

Squirrel: On the Screen Door

I keep moving our bird feeder around our backyard, trying to find a location where the squirrels cannot attack it from.  I’m failing.  I’ve moved it so the squirrels cannot jump from the fence, but now they simply climb the backyard screen door and leap from there.  As you can see, the brave little critter is right by my computer desk, watching me to see … Continue reading Squirrel: On the Screen Door

Squirrels: Waiting

These two are such a nuisance.  Now they’ve taken to sitting on the fence, one on each wall, watching me, waiting patiently for me to leave.  I’m sure the second I’m away from the window, they’ll attack the bird feeder. Looks as if I may have to try one or two of these “Tips for Outwitting Squirrels” from the National Wildlife Federation… I’m hoping … Continue reading Squirrels: Waiting

Darn! The New Squirrel

We have a new backyard visitor… a young, nimble, ravenous squirrel.  Since this one arrived, we haven’t seen our resident three-legged squirrel.  This one appears to have taken over the territory.  Even worse?  This one is light and agile enough to jump from our barbecue onto the bird feeder!  We’ve moved things around and stumped him for the last day, but this guy is really … Continue reading Darn! The New Squirrel

Llamas: Redwood Regional Park

Ever wanted to learn how to groom, feed, lead, and interact with llamas??  You can take a class through East Bay Regional Parks and take a walk through the redwoods. During our bike ride earlier this week (Kid Bike Ride:  Redwood Regional Park), the kids stopped to watch this, a line of people walking with llamas.  The children were enchanted. Interested in taking a hike … Continue reading Llamas: Redwood Regional Park

Signs of Spring: The Return of the Turkeys

Early yesterday morning, my son ran into the living room and screamed, “The turkeys are back!  Come look at them all!”  Sure enough, there was a gang of ten or so, walking across the hill behind our home.  The turkeys can be seen around Dublin throughout the winter, but only return to our neighborhood in the spring.  Glad to see them back!  I love to … Continue reading Signs of Spring: The Return of the Turkeys

Neighborhood Wildlife: Young Buck

My son excitedly informed me yesterday afternoon that there was a boy deer on the hill behind our home.   The buck was in no hurry to leave, giving me plenty of time to snap some photos.  My son is sick (again), so he stayed home from school yesterday and today.  Luckily, the neighborhood wildlife has been giving us plenty to watch out our windows! Photo … Continue reading Neighborhood Wildlife: Young Buck

Sleepy tiger + discount to the Oakland Zoo

During our Christmas Eve visit to the zoo, we mostly ran around and played, but we did check out a few animals along the way.  We enjoyed watching this beautiful tiger napping (and waking up) in the warm afternoon sunshine. For anyone in the Bay Area who may be interested, I noticed this morning that Groupon is offering a 50% off membership deal to the … Continue reading Sleepy tiger + discount to the Oakland Zoo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

I’ve had two amazing surprises within the past week that, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture with my camera.  Both were visitors to our backyard. The first was… a fox!  He visited Thursday morning at 10:00am, and he it stayed for about five minutes, giving me a lot of time to watch what it was up to.  When it first caught my attention, walking along … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Monarch Butterfly Nature Preserve, Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz

Within Natural Bridges State Beach, in Santa Cruz, you’ll find the Monarch Butterfly Nature Preserve, a grove of eucalyptus trees where thousands of Monarch Butterflies spend the winter each year.  The butterflies may be viewed by taking a short 0.75 mile Monarch Trail loop through the Preserve, or by simply taking the short, wheel-chair accessible Monarch Boardwalk to the viewing platform.  The monarchs are here … Continue reading Monarch Butterfly Nature Preserve, Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz

Feed the Animals! Tilden Little Farm, Berkeley

The Tilden Little Farm, located within Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley, is a favorite destination for just about every little kid I know.  For over a week now, my five-year-old has been begging me to take him there to feed the animals, so we headed over today. Here’s a little history of the Farm, from the park brochure… “The red barn was constructed in 1955 … Continue reading Feed the Animals! Tilden Little Farm, Berkeley

Acorn Woodpecker, Sunol Regional Wilderness

Wow, I can really see how this bird got its name!!  There were four Acorn Woodpeckers busy pecking holes in this tree and filling them with their stash. From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds site… “Their social lives are endlessly fascinating: they store thousands of acorns each year by jamming them into specially made holes in trees. A group member is always … Continue reading Acorn Woodpecker, Sunol Regional Wilderness

Werewolves and Vampires?

While attending Boo at the Zoo over the weekend, we looked for “spooky” animals.  Werewolves?  Vampires?  Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything truly frightening at the Oakland Zoo, but did see this gorgeous hyena (I bet he’d get pretty scary if anyone tried to take that bone away from him!!) and a bunch of cute bats… Perhaps the scariest thing of all was this giant ant … Continue reading Werewolves and Vampires?

Boo at the Zoo, 2012

Yesterday we attended the annual Boo at the Zoo event at the Oakland Zoo.  Kids wear their Halloween costumes and participate in a bunch of fun activities.   It was a hot day today (back into the 80’s), so I talked my son out of wearing his thick, black ninja costume. The highlight for my 5-year-old was the Spooky Scavenger Hunt.  The children are given … Continue reading Boo at the Zoo, 2012