Silent Saturday: Monterey Bay Coastal Trail

Photos taken last weekend during a walk along the Pacific Grove section of the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail.  My husband took our son on a bike ride, so I could have some much-needed time to myself… Also from our day in Monterey… Going on a Bug Hunt Cyclo-Cross, Monterey Style Weekly Photo Challenge:  Solitary Continue reading Silent Saturday: Monterey Bay Coastal Trail

Cyclo-Cross, Monterey Style

I haven’t written much about my husband so far.  Much of the time, while I’m out and about with our son, my husband is out riding his bike.  At this time of year (September – January), this is how he spends his weekends… racing cyclo-cross.  Yesterday, he raced at Fort Ord in Monterey (CCCX series), and we went along to watch. Not familiar with this … Continue reading Cyclo-Cross, Monterey Style