Mono Lake: Panum Crater

Due to the government shutdown during our visit to Yosemite National Park last week, we decided to head over to Mono Lake and hike the rim of a volcano instead!  Panum Crater, located just off Highway 120 near the South Tufa Area of the Mono Lake Tufa State Reserve, is part of a chain of volcanic cones called the Mono-Inyo Craters.   These are considered to … Continue reading Mono Lake: Panum Crater

New Experience: Travel by Train

In 2013, I’m going to steal an idea from Danielle over at 52 Brand New.  If you haven’t checked out this blog and you have kids, I recommend you visit it soon.   Each week, Danielle writes about an experience that’s brand new to her children.  It’s a fun, inspiring blog!  Check it out… Now, I don’t intend to try out something new each week, … Continue reading New Experience: Travel by Train

Devils Postpile National Monument

If you’re ever in the Eastern Sierras near Mammoth Lakes, you’ve gotta check out Devils Postpile.  This place is incredible, and unlike anywhere else I’ve visited in California.  The only other place I can personally compare it to is the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland.  Both places have these fascinating basalt hexagonal columns.  You have to see them to truly appreciate them. What’s so special … Continue reading Devils Postpile National Monument

South Tufa Trail, Mono Lake

On Friday, during our trip to the Eastern Sierras, we enjoyed a hike on the South Tufa Trail at Mono Lake, California.  This is a short, flat 1-2 mile trail, perfect for kids, with a lot to see…. fun limestone rock formations, a salt-water lake, views of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the west, ancient volcanoes on the north and east, and sagebrush everywhere.  Gorgeous… … Continue reading South Tufa Trail, Mono Lake

Fall Foliage, Rock Creek, California

Each year, for our anniversary, my husband and I celebrate with a little trip to Yosemite and/or the Eastern Sierras.  One of the things we hope to see each year is the fall foliage.  Sometimes we’re lucky, sometimes we’re not.  This year, the display was stunning!  Late last week, the colors were amazing up and down US Route 395 in Mono County. Photos were taken … Continue reading Fall Foliage, Rock Creek, California

Great Hike: Saddlebag Lake to the Conness Lakes

Now this was a super-fun hike.  How many hikes begin with a ride across a lake on a water taxi??  This was a first for our son… he’s never been on a boat!  The views from the lake were gorgeous. My husband and I love hiking above the 10,000 foot level (the trail starts at Saddlebag Lake, 10,080 ft and only goes up from there), … Continue reading Great Hike: Saddlebag Lake to the Conness Lakes