Silent Saturday: Nature Journaling

“The most important thing we can teach our children is to observe well.” -Ernst Mayer, Evolutionary Biologist Learning about animal tracks and signs, and journaling their observations. *** An awesome, free, naturalist-led class! Tilden Nature Area, Berkeley *** Interested in learning more about nature journaling?  I highly recommend the book, Keeping a Nature Journal:  Discover a Whole New Way of Seeing the World Around You, … Continue reading Silent Saturday: Nature Journaling

John Muir National Historic Site, Martinez

I’ve always loved this quote, and it’s one I experience each and every time I head out into nature.  For anyone who knows me, it should come as no surprise that John Muir, one of the greatest conservationists in history, is one of my heroes.  What is surprising, however, is that I’ve never visited the John Muir National Historic Site, located right here in the … Continue reading John Muir National Historic Site, Martinez

Quotes from the Masters: Hugo

“Nature, like a kind and smiling mother, lends herself to our dreams and cherishes our fancies.”  Victor Hugo *** Or a kind and smiling father! *** I accepted the challenge to use this quote from Robin over at Bringing Europe Home… “Quotes from the Masters:  Hugo” .  Love her blog!! Related articles Quotes from the Masters: Hugo ( Continue reading Quotes from the Masters: Hugo


“Everyone needs to have some downtime in a quiet place where they’re not interrupted – even kids.  Or especially kids.  It’s healthy to provide your child with her own space to simply reflect, think, imagine, wonder, and be alone.  Quiet time, without television, video games, or other stimulation, promotes thinking and relaxation, and it allows children to sort through their thoughts and feel calm.” – … Continue reading Downtime