Still feels like summer!

I know it’s supposed to be Autumn, but the weather really heated up over the weekend.  It felt hotter than it was all summer! Perfect weather for a swim! If we had the energy, our son would have us do this all day! I’m happy to stretch out summer as long as we can!

Water Play! Val Vista Park, Pleasanton

It was HOT earlier this week! Tuesday was a perfect afternoon to spend at one of our local parks with great water features… Val Vista Park in Pleasanton, California. For more parks in the San Francisco East Bay that have great water play areas, check out… Ten Fun East Bay Parks with Free Water Features

Swim in a Lake!

The weather is heating up here in the San Francisco East Bay.  Take a break from the local swimming pool, and cool off in a nearby lake instead. Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore has two swimming areas, East Beach and West Beach.  Swimming is free, but there is a $6.00/vehicle park entry fee. Is…

Simple Summer Fun: Swim!

I associate summer with water. My childhood summer days were spent mostly in the pool, splashing around with friends, jumping repeatedly from the diving board, or doing laps during swim team practice. Later, as an adult, my vision of summertime has continued to revolve around water, changing form depending upon where I was living at…

Chimney Beach, Lake Tahoe

While at Lake Tahoe on Friday, we drove over the border into Nevada and hiked down to a relatively secluded little beach. Our son has experience a few alpine lakes over his short life, but he hasn’t seen one the size of Lake Tahoe (the largest alpine lake in North America).  He kept asking if…