My name is Linda, and I live deep in the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area.  I believe it’s vital for both kids and adults to get outside for fresh air, exercise, and free play every day.  Our outdoor time may be social, solo, park or nature-based, near or at home, quick or lengthy, but, whatever form it takes, we make a point of getting outside every day.

I own a thriving piano studio,  I’m a homeschooling mom, and I’m an avid hiker and amateur photographer.  I’ve been running a hiking group for women as well as organizing hikes and nature-based outings for kids for more than ten years now.  Life is busy, but in nature I find beauty and peace.

Here I share photos of the beauty I find around me and write about the places we go, the things we do,  the benefits of outdoor play, and tips and tricks that make outside time fun.  I also share educational activities that fit our nature-based lifestyle.  Yes, we homeschool, but I believe most of the activities I share can easily supplement a public or private-school education, so please don’t let the word “homeschool” scare you away.  🙂

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    1. Hi Lynn – Thank you so much for writing! Yes, all is totally OK. My blog has been neglected lately due to more pressing life events… good ones!

  1. Hi Linda! I really don’t know if you are acceptting blogger awards, but anyway I just nominated you for the Very Inspiring blogger Award, as you can see here http://mylittleriojournal.wordpress.com/2013/11/20/very-inspiring-blogger-award/. Anyway, I just wanna let you know that your blog and your beautiful photos inspires me to keep blogging and improving my photography! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you, Cristina! Yes, I don’t list the awards on the blog anymore, but I always appreciate the intention behind them. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words! I’ll head over to your blog to check out the award.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking some of my stuff. You have a beautiful boy and its so nice you are able to spend so much time with him. I think its great what you’re doing to encourage all the kids to spend time outside and enjoying it.

  3. I just found your blog on another blog and decided to check you out. I am a Bay Area native temporarily living in Reno, and your pictures and blog satisfy my constant need for Bay Area beauty!

  4. This blog looks full of inspiration for moms! I have grandchildren and I will have to steer my daughters toward your blog. Thank you much for stopping by Mrs. City Boy and liking my post!

      1. Dear Nature Mother Linda,
        Thank you for the follow, I just returned the favour so I could enjoy your inspiring posts, all the best!
        Cheers from Katharina – a dancing mother 🙂

  5. Congratulations! I love your blog and have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    However, there are rules and I won’t be offended if you don’t want to follow them. I just wanted to share your blog with others.
    Ana (Jubilee Journey)

  6. What’s your parenting style? You could be featured on a new cable series.

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  7. Hi Linda (I am Linda as well!), congratulations on the success of your playgroup and your blogging awards! I wish we had a playgroup like that here but it gets entirely too hot in Arizona to spend that much time outdoors (not to mention all the cacti – ouch). My sister lives in the Bay Area so I will be sure to check out your blog for fun activities for the kids when we visit. Thanks again for liking my post!

    1. Watching children playing in nature is a beautiful thing! Hopefully their play today will result in a life-long love of nature and the outdoors. Not to mention the emotional and physical health benefits they receive today from being active outside…

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and enjoying it enough to follow me. I really hope you like my future post. I have looked over your blog post and I in return LOVE your blog too! So informative with some great advice. Your son is so adorable too! Have a blessed day! 🙂

  9. Greetings dear Linda the nature mom! I had been intrigued seeing your name in conversations and thought I should visit. Wonderful work – or play! – you are doing there. You seem to live in an extraordinary part of the world also. I will come and explore more but the problem with WP is that you meet os many wonderful people but yet don’t get an extra 5 hours to your day … All best wishes and blessings, f

    1. I’m glad to have found your blog. Beautiful! And I totally understand… I, too, wish I had an extra 5 hours a day to read all the wonderful things people are writing (and photographing) out there. Glad to have “met” you!

  10. Dear Linda! What a beautifully wholesome blog – love it! Looking forward to getting to know you and catching up with all that you’re doing. Warmest greetings from sunny Finland, Sharon

  11. Thank you for following my blog -blueberryhillsfarm.wordpress.com
    I enjoyed reading your posts about all the outdoor activities that you are doing with children. Our two sons were home schooled and your posts reminded me of all the fun that we had exploring and discovering the natural world together. It is so important to teach young people to enjoy and nurture the environment and doing it in a fun, ‘hands on’ way is the best way to do it.
    I feel very lucky that my sons, now aged 18 and 19, still love to work alongside me in the garden and greenhouse and we are still learning about the wonders of nature together.

    Keep up the great ideas and have fun!

    1. That’s awesome that your boys still enjoy working alongside you! I found and am following your blog, not only because it’s absolutely beautiful, but because I’m sure I can learn from what you’re doing. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! It’s a great way to meet like-minded families, and to help those who may feel uncomfortable exploring nature on their own to get out there. The group now has more than 500 families!

  12. Hi,
    Thanks for “liking” my post called “Nature AND Nurture”. I love the concept of your blog, and I’m right there with you as far as advocating for lots of time outdoors and in nature. In fact, my art program is very much about connecting art experiences to experiences in nature, and to children’s books that focus on nature. I wanted to direct you to my previous post, called “The Art of Springtime” http://artinhand.org/2012/04/09/the-art-of-springtime/ which is in article I have written all about this topic. Throughout the year, I will post articles featuring ways to tie creative experiences to what is going on in the natural world during each of the other 3 seasons…all focussed on early childhood, process oriented art and exploration. Hope you will find it interesting! 😉

    1. Thanks, Julie! I just read your Washington Parent article, and it’s wonderful. I especially like your beliefs about art. “Process over product” is very important to me. I avoid “product” art with my son (he doesn’t enjoy it, anyways), in favor of “playing” with art, though I may direct what art medium, tool, or technique we’ll be exploring any given day. I love your suggestions! I will follow your blog in the future, and I always enjoy comments on mine. Thanks again!

  13. Love your blog, and your message about the importance of being outdoors (for so many reasons). Blogs are funny, and I wouldn’t have found yours if you hadn’t clicked “like” on our post about a baby turtle. We started our own blog about human powered adventures in the outdoors partly because we were reading other blogs about people doing really cool stuff.

    Keep up the good work in getting kids outdoors! Look forward to more posts (and we don’t even have kids besides Daisy trail dog).

    1. Thanks! I’ve actually enjoyed reading your blog before your recent turtle post. As a hiker, backpacker, traveler, etc, who isn’t able to get out as much as I used to (a temporary constraint of having a young child), I enjoy momentarily escaping parenthood by reading about the adventures of others. Plus, though it’s not my thing, my husband is a cyclocross racer / mountain bike guy. I’m looking forward to reading your posts in the future!

  14. Hi there!

    I popped over after reading your comment on my blog (www.kidsingardens.com) Thank you for that! Looks like we have a lot in common, including letterboxing! Your son is so fortunate to have a Mom that sees the world in the way that you do!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad to have found your blog, and I look forward to reading more. When my son enters kindergarten next year, we’ll begin work with the program’s garden. Should be fun!

  15. Thank you for sharing how we can enjoy God’s awesome wonders with our families. You inspire an appreciation for God’ s creation.

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