16 thoughts on “Neighborhood Wildlife: Squirrel (Three-Legged)

  1. Close call with a cat or dog maybe? It’s been so warm here in Wyoming the squirrels have been much more active than in winters past. They have really done a number on my yard… I’m guessing I have a few less blooming bulbs this spring, but that’s the way it goes.

    • It makes me sad, too. But he does seem to be adapting quite well. He seems to get in more scrapes than the other squirrels. Last June, this guy had a raw, red spot above his nose from scraping it on something. It took quite a while to heal. But as a result, I can always tell it’s him by the black mark between his eyes. Now, of course, the leg distinguishes him even more.

    • He seems to move around pretty good! I had to really look closely to figure out his leg was missing. He climbs up and down the fence and jumps from tree to tree as well as any of the other squirrels, as far as I can tell. It’s pretty amazing.

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