Let’s Count Stars!

I’m always on the lookout for citizen science projects that would be fun to do with my son.  I believe it’s a great way to teach science and get kids involved in a real-life project.  Of course, this isn’t just for kids!  Participating in citizen science projects is a wonderful way for people of all … More Let’s Count Stars!

Going on a Bug Hunt

While my husband was warming up for his bike race on Saturday (see post here… Cyclo-Cross, Monterey Style), my son recommended we follow one of the nearby trails and go bug hunting.  Excellent idea!  We keep exploration tools (bug viewer, magnifying glass) with us at all times, so we’re ready to go whenever inspiration strikes. … More Going on a Bug Hunt

Environmentalism for Kids: Clean up the Neighborhood

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you know my son loves to take walks around the neighborhood to pick up trash.  It’s a great, age-appropriate way to introduce young kids to helping the environment. Interested in doing this with your child?  It’s about as easy as it gets.  … More Environmentalism for Kids: Clean up the Neighborhood

This Weekend in Oakland– Art in Nature: The Nature of Art Festival

This looks so much fun!  In one of the most beautiful parks in the San Francisco East Bay, this festival will feature music, dance, sculpture, painting, poetry, theater, kids crafts, and so many other art forms. The Art in Nature:  The Nature of Art Festival is being held this Sunday, September 23rd, along the Stream … More This Weekend in Oakland– Art in Nature: The Nature of Art Festival

First Signs of Fall

Yesterday, I wrote about taking your child out on walk to look for signs of Autumn (Take a “Signs of Fall” Walk).  I didn’t feel the seasons changing yet as I wrote the post, but decided to head out for a walk around our neighborhood with my 5-year-old after I wrote the article.  Here’s what … More First Signs of Fall

Won’t Back Down… Simple, Anti-Union Propaganda

Tuesday night, my husband and I did something we haven’t done in a long time…. went to a movie!  I was offered the opportunity to attend a movie preview, and I couldn’t refuse. Movie:  Won’t Back Down Starring:  Maggie Gyllenhaall and Viola Davis Opening:  September 28, 2012 The Story: Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis play … More Won’t Back Down… Simple, Anti-Union Propaganda

Go Climb a Tree

We’re lucky to have a couple parks nearby that have great trees for climbing.  The kids are drawn as much to playing on these trees as to the man-made play structures in the parks.  This one is in Kolb Park in Dublin.  Our other favorite climbing tree is in Shannon Park, also in Dublin. Do … More Go Climb a Tree

Finch Fun

Yesterday morning, my son was quietly building with his Lincoln Logs when he happily exclaimed, “Look, Mommy, a goldfinch!  There’s a goldfinch at the feeder!”  Now I had to run to the window to check it out, because I honestly can’t remember ever having any yellow birds in our backyard.  My son was correct.  Two … More Finch Fun

Climbing the Wall…

An awesome way to burn some kid energy is to head out for some  rock climbing… park style. For a list of our favorite parks in the San Francisco East Bay with fun rock wall features, see my post… Outdoor Climbing Walls. Photos taken at Val Vista Park, Pleasanton.