Today was the first day of kindergarten.  A major life event for my boy…. starting school.  Sadness for me.  Five years we’ve spent together, hardly ever being apart. I can’t think of a better way to start the day than running off some energy in the school playground. But then it was time for the … More Kindergarten…

Kids ‘n Carousels

What is it with kids and carousels?  I’ve given up trying to figure out what children love about them.  I only know they do. Does your child have a favorite?  Do you have a favorite memory of one from childhood?  Please share! *** Links to carousels in the San Francisco Bay Area Creativity Carousel, San … More Kids ‘n Carousels

Make Paper Airplanes!

I found a fun website that offers a bunch of different paper airplane designs available for free download (   The site offers fifteen different designs, rated by difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, novelty).  Each design provides a template (ready for folding, and cutting, if necessary) and directions.  We decided to try out the “Condor”, a … More Make Paper Airplanes!

Wow! Adventure Playground, Berkeley

Bored of the usual playground facilities?  Then check this one out! The Adventure Playground in Berkeley is a special place, unlike any other park we’ve experienced.  The structures are all built by children (with parental and staff supervision), using provided tools (hammers, nails, saws, and paint).  This place encourages serious creativity!  It’s best for kids … More Wow! Adventure Playground, Berkeley

Update… Backyard Squirrel

It’s been a few months since I last posted about the squirrel who visits our backyard.  He has not been successful at raiding the bird feeders since I last wrote, but he’s still thinking about it! Here’s my post from May … Backyard Wildlife… The Squirrel

Create With Nature Zone, Blake Garden, Kensington

Take a child out into nature, and what are they naturally drawn to play with?  It’s pretty universal… sticks and rocks.  So this is the perfect playground for a child… an area filled with sticks and rocks, inviting the child to stack, build, and create.  Imaginations went wild this day.  In additional to the simple … More Create With Nature Zone, Blake Garden, Kensington

Swim in a Lake!

The weather is heating up here in the San Francisco East Bay.  Take a break from the local swimming pool, and cool off in a nearby lake instead. Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore has two swimming areas, East Beach and West Beach.  Swimming is free, but there is a $6.00/vehicle park entry fee. Is … More Swim in a Lake!