Sticks, Rocks, Water… and Friends

I’m convinced that all a kid needs to have fun in nature is a stick, some rocks, a body of water, and a friend or two (or five) to play with.  Nothing more.

Photos taken this morning at Shadow Cliffs Regional Park, Pleasanton.

8 thoughts on “Sticks, Rocks, Water… and Friends

    1. I enjoyed reading your post about Munchkin’s love of rocks. So cute! At that age, my son was into collecting sticks. Everywhere we went, he had to bring home a stick (he would’ve brought home more, but I had to set some limits…).

  1. Great Post. i agree sticks and rocks make the best toys. The first time we went camping we my son spent 3 days throwing rocks in the lake, no interest in doing anything else.

    1. So true! Yet, as an adult, I don’t feel the need for any things at all to keep me interested while in nature. Give me a pretty view, and I can sit still for a surprisingly long time.

      1. amen! I have my favorite “thinking spot” in the Sumpter Dredge State Park where nothing needs to happen.

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